Your Baby Holds Arms Out, Wishing To Be Picked Up

Your Baby Holds Arms Out, Wishing To Be Picked Up
3m to 6m
Gross motor
Your three month old’s motor development is quite fast. You would be surprised at her growth each day. At 3 months, your baby hold arms above head and would start to reach out. You will see her playing with her hands. By the time she is 6 months old, she might start reaching out to you when she wants to be held.

Your baby holds arms straight out: What you need to know

It is such an awe watching the little one grow especially after the third month. Your baby, who had kept her palm tightly clenched in the first month, would start moving her hands and legs a lot more. In fact, this is the time she grasps the idea that her hands and legs are under her control and thus holds her arms out to be carried by you. 
She would start waving her hands in front of her face and would try to grab and reach out. At 6 months, she would begin to master her grabbing skills. She will be able to hold on to toys and play with them. She will also learn to do this in response to your movement. When she sees you around, she might reach to touch your face. Her eagerness to touch things, explore them increases day by day. Your baby holds arms back when she is held by you. She would also let you know when she wants to be picked up by stretching out both her hands. Make the playtime more interactive and give her some rattles, and teething toys that help her improve her grasping skills. This would be the time when she would actually start loving her crib mobile and would try to reach it as well.