Your Cutie Pie Can Now Stand For Short Durations Without Assistance

Your Cutie Pie Can Now Stand For Short Durations Without Assistance

At this stage, your little one is ready to show you the most magical moments of your life, that is, he is ready to stand on his own and take his first few steps. This is the major milestone of your child’s life and almost every parent is waiting anxiously for it. Your sweetie pie is almost a year old, and now he might stand with the aid of furniture or you for long period and might also stand without assistance for a shorter period. It is an indicator that your kiddo is having a natural healthy growth.
What you need to know
At this point, you will notice that your kiddo might start taking few steps with or without assistance. He might also stand now on his own and might be able to sit properly. It is a great way to understand that your little one is developing his gross motor skills. It is also a positive sign that your sweetie is heading to the better physical growth and also that he has not missed the major milestone.
However, some kids might even not start standing at this point. Don’t worry too much, as every child develops at his own pace and he will stand when his body will be ready. Moreover, these ranges of milestones at the certain age are only the average ranges and not the exact parameters or numbers. Your child develops from one phase to another at a steady pace, matters the most. You can try to encourage your kiddo to stand like you can make him stand with your hands and can also make him walk. But if you think that your little one is not reaching most of the milestones then you should consult your doctor or any pediatrician.

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