Your Cutie Pie Is Likely To Bite & Chew On Different Objects

Your Cutie Pie Is Likely To Bite & Chew On Different Objects
7m to 10m
Health & Wellness
At 7 months old your baby is starting to feel the need of gnawing at everything within his reach for easing the irritation or pain which is felt during teething. 
What you need to know
You may find some babies grow their first tooth as early as 3 months but usually most babies grow their first tooth around 7 months old. The very first thing that you would notice in your baby while he is teething is that he will keep his hand in mouth chewing on his finger or chewing and biting on different objects he can get his hands on trying to soothe his pain. This is the phase when your baby feels discomfort due to swelling and sensitivity in gums and the pain from teething can make your baby irritable resulting in a lack of appetite. Teething baby will often end up drooling a lot. Babies also experience fussiness, loose stools, fever but most experts agree that teething does not cause any illness in babies. The teething experience is the most painful for babies and the worst part of teething for you is seeing and hearing your little one in pain and feel helpless. But rest assured, it is only a couple of days distress and the things get easier with each new tooth. It is just the first few teeth that are worst, next few teeth may come through easily. 
What you need to do
In order to provide comfort to your baby rub his gums gently and offer your baby a teething toy or rings that you can easily get from the market. Make sure you sterilize the same before giving to your baby.. It is very important to maintain proper hygiene around your baby. Make his surroundings including his tiny hands clean because during the teething process your baby tend to nibble on anything and everything that comes their way to soothe his gums. During this process of teething you as a parent would want to do anything and everything to provide comfort to your baby so cuddle your baby and let him feel that he is safe and protected in your arms.