Your Cutie Pie Will Now Pick Up Small Pieces Of Food

Your Cutie Pie Will Now Pick Up Small Pieces Of Food
Fine Motor
Between seven to eleven months, your baby would have become a pro in picking up objects and putting them in his mouth. After your baby is able to confidently pass objects from one hand to another, you may notice him try and pick up smaller objects. While feeding, the first months that you start solids, he might be able to grab food when you hand it over to him. And by now, he might try to pick up smaller pieces himself.
What you need to know
Till around the 10th month, babies find it difficult to pick up tiny objects. This gets better by the end of 11 months, and this is precidely why you must start offering finger foods to your baby from the time he is around 8 months old.  His pincer grasp too would see a huge improvement at this stage. Slowly you might notice him pick up tinier pieces like raisins and might be able to pick up his spoon and try to feed himself.
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