Your Cutipie Is Likely To Control Her Neck Movements

By 1 month, your baby’s neck muscles are strong enough to hold her head up. She can also look from side to side. She will have better head control. In the initial months, please be careful to support your baby’s head. When you pick her up, you need to hold her neck and head in the palm of your hand. Your Cutipie Is Likely To Control Her Neck Movements

What you need to know

In order to strengthen her neck, arm and shoulder muscles, once in a while you can put her on her stomach. She will raise her head up and chest to either look at you or the objects near her. Give her plenty of opportunities to play on her tummy.

Avoid using pram till she can hold her head up steadily without any support. Potholed roads and rough surfaces may cause her discomfort when the pram is moving.




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