Your Darling is Now Able to Absorb All Signals

Your little one is now processing visual images, sounds, and is able to respond pretty well to them. The smile on your baby’s face or the cooing, gurgling, and urge to pick up toys are testimony to your baby’s development. In other words, she is absorbing all signals properly now. You may often spot her stopping from doing something, like feeding, when she hears you speak. Well, her senses are blossoming after all!Your Darling is Now Able to Absorb All Signals

Experts believe that by seven weeks, your baby‘s brain development is progressing at a good speed with a healthy growth of nerves.

Each baby has its own pace of development

Remember that every baby is unique and no two children are the same. Your little one has his own learning styles and he assimilates new information his own way.  

You may rejoice that your little darling has decided to behave well all of a sudden, but in reality this is your baby’s learning time. He uses quiet periods to be alert and learn new things. Make the best use of this time by talking, singing, or initiating a good conversation.

You will be amazed to know that your baby is actually absorbing the entire stimulus and is trying to make it meaningful in his little brain.




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