Your Baby's Hearing Development Is Blossoming

Your Baby's Hearing Development Is Blossoming
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At this stage, your baby's hearing at 2 months is developing rapidly. This will be evident to you as you observe your little one’s curiosity about finding out where a particular sound originates from.

Your baby's hearing: What you need to know

Music is an excellent aid in your baby’s brain development. Try playing some soothing music to your little one and your baby's hearing at 3 months will improve drastically. You might end up seeing him kick his tiny feet in enjoyment and listening intently. If your little one likes the music that is being played, he may even fall asleep due to its relaxing nature. 

Along with auditory development, your little one’s eye coordination is also improving rapidly. He is now able to gauge the distance at which his toys are placed. The ability to focus on objects is developing steadily, apart from listening and looking, your little one should also be making his first sounds and will cutely start to babble by now. Your baby's hearing at 6 months, will develop further along with visual and speech skills. 

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