Your Ever Active Baby Pulls Down Everything Near Him- What To Do?

Your baby is now growing up, and all his motor skills are getting active day by day. Not only that, his sense of curiosity is also increasing day by day. While that is a great thing to have it comes with some elements of danger. Simple things that you had not considered in the past may now potentially carry an element of danger. Even though it is difficult to stack things up, you need to ensure that you baby doesn't get to pull down everything he lays his hands on. Your Ever Active Baby Pulls Down Everything Near Him- What To Do?

What you need to know

The curtains in your baby’s room and elsewhere in the house should be secured with cords. The same holds true if you have blinds. Your baby will naturally try and look for things to pull and play, and what better than curtains. You need to make sure that the cords are either wrapped up and well above the height that a baby can reach out to, even better replace these all together.

Discourage your baby from playing peek a boo with curtains. The danger of your baby accidentally pulling at the curtain and causing the whole fixture to fall down cannot be eliminated. Also, keep hanging artifacts at bay. Refrain from keeping things around him that can harm your little darling in any which way.

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