Your Kiddo Has a List of Favourites Already!

Agreed, that your little one is indeed a 'little' one, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have favourites like you and other adults do! Does your toddler show a new found liking towards one particular stuffed toy? Does she carry it around everywhere she goes? Well, your little one just found her comfort object!

What you need to know

She will especially start depending on her comfort object when you’re not around; Think about it; she is growing more independent day by day and understands the fact that you will not be around all the time, thus she turns to external objects to compensate for your absence.

Your Kiddo Has a List of Favourites Already!

Not just comfort object, she might use her thumb or even her blanket to soothe herself to sleep, calm her anxieties, and ease her worries. If you notice a growing attachment towards an object, it’s a great idea to find a replica. There is bound to be a day when the original is lost or misplaced.




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