Your Li'l Angel Is Likely To Track Down Her Favorite Toy

Your little angel has grown smart and can now locate her favorite toy. You must consider it as a bright sign towards active mental development. Observe your little one to see how her eyes are stuck at a particular object, preferably a toy. As your toddler crosses this stage, she would be able to grab hold of her favorite toy without much difficulty. Your Li'l Angel Is Likely To Track Down Her Favorite Toy

What you need to know

As parents, you need to test your baby so that her hand-eye movement enhances with age. You can select a rolling object which is quite colorful in appearance. Pull your baby’s attention and roll the object in her direction. Observe if she tries to catch hold of the rolling balling or not. You need to take out time and sit with your adorable princess so as to teach her how to clutch objects placed nearby. Time to time demonstrations would surely prove helpful.




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