Your Li'l One Is Likely To Respond To Light Based On Its Power

When your baby is one month old, his eyes are not very sensitive to light. On the contrary, he is 50 times more aware that light is present than an adult. So leaving some light on in the room, won’t affect his ability to sleep. When he is 3 months old, his eyes will become more sensitive to light. Now it’s better to dim the lights a bit more during his sleep time. It’s ideal to keep his day bright, through natural sunlight and night dark. This way he figures out when it’s time to sleep. Your Li'l One Is Likely To Respond To Light Based On Its Power

What you need to know

You can use a night light in case he gets up in the middle of night and for you to attend to his needs. While choosing a night light for your baby’s room, ensure the light gently illuminates the room. It should not keep him away from sleeping.




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