Your Li'l One Is Likely To Speak A Few Known Words Already

Your Li'l One Is Likely To Speak A Few Known Words Already
11m to 1y

During this developmental period of your baby’s first year, he will exhibit more of a toddler’s behavior. You will be thrilled and excited when he calls you out- ‘mama/dada’ in his sweet baby voice.

What you need to know

Now, his speech ability will be advancing. He will respond to you when you call his name. He will understand the word ‘bye’ and say it, waving his hands, when you are about to move out of the house. He will repeat the simple words that you frequently use like ‘come, uh, go, oh, no’. He will also say words like papa, nana, nani and so on…

What you can do

Keep talking to him while you feed him, bathe him, and dress him. He will be constantly listening to the words and voices. Right from his foetus stage, he has this innate ability of listening to the surrounding sounds. You can observe him keenly listening to you when you read a book in an expressive manner, you will find him enjoying. You can make him sit on your lap and sing nursery rhymes, making him do the actions accordingly. Encourage him to greet the guests with a ‘hi’ and ‘bye’.

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