Your Li'l One Is Now Able To Locate & Turn To Sounds

Your baby is in her growing phase where after crossing the age group 2 months, her sensory capabilities would surely enhance. She can now sense various sounds which are made in her surroundings by trying to move her head in that particular direction. As parents, you can treat your little baby with a variety of sounds such as animal voices, drum rolls, etc. Your Li'l One Is Now Able To Locate & Turn To Sounds

What you need to know

You need to check your baby’s growth by testing her from time to time. If she is successfully able to locate sounds, then push her further. You can ask your partner to stand at a certain distance from the baby and play any music or song. As your princess moves her head, immediately play a totally different sound from the other corner of the room. This is a good way to analyze your baby’s responsive abilities.




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