Your Li'l One Likely To Grasp Dangling Toys

Your Li'l One Likely To Grasp Dangling Toys
3m to 10m
Fine Motor
Eye-Hand movement

As your toddler crosses this stage, he would soon be able to polish his motor skills. Enhanced hand muscle control would be experienced by your baby as he is introduced to objects of different shapes & sizes. As a parent, your task is to make your growing infant learn about all sorts of toys in his surroundings so that he can eventually hold them on his own.

What you need to know

Your baby would surely reach out for a dangling object. Utilize this effort in order to improve his hand grip. Start with a lightweight object which is hung using a thread. Let your baby hold it using his fingers. Level up the activity by oscillating the object and check if he is able to focus and grab it while it is in motion.

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