Your Baby's Head Is Still Wobbly When He's Made To Sit

Your baby's head is still wobbly at 4 months. By the time your baby reaches the milestone of 6 months, he is going to be able to roll over on his tummy and chances are that he might want to sit up straight. Since these movements are new to him and his muscles aren’t very well developed, he is going to appear quite wobbly but with your assistance, he ought to be able to hold himself up for a minute or two. Your Baby's Head Is Still Wobbly When He's Made To Sit

Your baby's head wobbles: What you need to know

Your baby needs your assistance and guidance in helping him raise himself on his feet and to sit down straight. It is normal for your baby's head to wobble, at this age. Making sure that his neck does not wobble too much, it is important to give it support. If a 6 month old baby's head is still wobbly do consult a pediatrician immediately!




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