Your Little Angel Is New Responding To Her Name

Your Little Angel Is New Responding To Her Name
7m to 10m

At this stage, with your baby having turned 7 months old, he would be able to recognize your voice and would also start responding to his name. Any change in your baby’s growth makes you excited. It is an overwhelming feeling being a parent to figure out how your baby respond when you call him by his name and how excited he also feels when he hears the sound of your voice.

What you need to know

Your little one may not be able to tell you using words, but he has other ways to respond you like facial expression, body language, crying, eye contact or sounds. When you call him by his name, he will respond joyfully by turning towards you and start babbling in higher pitch seeking your attention. Those coos and babbles are not only adorable, they are also very important for language development. Many parents worry when their child does not respond to his name. Do not worry if your baby does not respond at first. Give him time, it will happen. Different babies have different curves of mental development and parents need not worry.

What you can do

To encourage the mental development of your baby you must spend as much as time with your little one as possible talking to your baby, repeatedly calling by his names so that his aural and mental faculties mature and develop further. As your baby may now be able to responds to his name, can recognize voice and different tunes, this is the time you can also introduce your baby with toys that makes sound and other educational toys.

All babies learn through play. Make efforts to play with him, make your baby laugh doing silly things, tickle his toes and call him repeatedly by his name. See what kind of reaction you get. Give time to your baby and let him feel he is unique and special in his own way and all he need is your unconditional love.

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