Your Little Angel Is Now Able To Find Hidden Objects With Ease

Your Little Angel Is Now Able To Find Hidden Objects With Ease
8m to 11m
At this stage of your little one’s life, there is substantial cognitive development happening. Your darling has already achieved what is known as object permanence. It is something that she had no idea of when she was younger than 6 months. Scientific studies have validated this theory. Younger babies fail to remember that something exists if you get it out of their view, however a baby older than 8 months will look for the object you hide from them.
What you need to know
At this stage, your little star is a curious baby. She understands that objects taken away from her exists even when out of sight. This makes ready to play some simple peekaboo games. Next time you can hide her toy behind a towel well within her reach and see if she tries to retrieve the toy. She will surely enjoy and be amazed by this cute little game. Now, when you leave a room, she has even begun to comprehend that you have not left her forever and will be back to her soon enough! By simple games and observation, your baby will continue to learn that the things around him are permanent even when she cannot see them.
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