Your Little Angel Is Now More Responsive To Others' Emotions

Your Little Angel Is Now More Responsive To Others' Emotions
7m to 10m

Around this time your little angel will observe your emotional displays like your facial expressions, the tone of your voice and your body language. It is during this time that she develops emotional bondage towards you.

What you need to know

She is sensitive to emotions and she can recognize the difference between a happy expression and a sad one. She may begin to imitate your actions and emotions, like she will smile back at you when you smile at her; she will try to look sad or begin to cry when you frown at her. When she is expressing her displeasure, sadness or frustration, remember she is communicating her feelings. Cuddling and soothing her might help to console and calm her down. She will prefer to be in the company of you and your family members.

You will observe her discomfort when she is carried by other unfamiliar faces. When her name is called, she will turn her head in response towards the voice. You will find her enjoying and responding to people impressing her with funny facial expressions.

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