Your Little Angel Now Finds Colourful Objects Attractive

Your Little Angel Now Finds Colourful Objects Attractive

Your little cherub’s growth and development is skyrocketing. This is when your little one begins to find high contrast colours and shapes highly amusing. As a parent, it is your duty to offer objects that are very catchy and colourful. This will facilitate future learning and sensory growth.

Below are some tips on how to introduce your child to colourful and attractive objects:

1. Offer some colourful objects and note the baby’s reaction. Most kids react with a smile or a cooing sound, and you can expect the same from your baby as well.

2. You can also offer dull colours and notice their behavior. Most infants are more mesmerized by bright colours as their eyes are still developing.

3. Structured Objects 3-D objects can also be used.

Geometrical objects, such as a cubical soft toy are also a great idea to for entertainment. Vibrant objects make great toys and will also stimulate your little one’s vision and increase his attentional skills.

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