Your Little Angel Will Begin To Sit Alone Steadily

Your Little Angel Will Begin To Sit Alone Steadily
9m to 1y
Gross motor
The physical development of your baby has been tremendous by this point. The baby who was not able to hold up her head is now able to sit alone and will probably start doing it steadily already.
What you need to know
Your angel will start sitting independently around four to seven months, however, it is at this point around 9 months that this becomes getting steady. By around 10 months she will be able to sit for several minutes without support. As she nears one year she will sit upright for longer time without any support. Your baby’s gross motor skills are the main players when it comes to sitting. She will have strong muscles in the neck, shoulders, stomach, back and hips which will help her to sit. As your baby gets better in the sitting position, she will move to get into different positions. Once your baby sits up, there will be times when she will fall. So it is important that you are always there to hold her when she falls.
What you can do
You can help your baby by lifting her head and chest which will strengthen her neck muscles and develop head control. Once your baby is a fairly confident sitter, put toys out of her reach-- it will hold her attention and she will learn to balance with her arms. It is a fact that all children develop at different rates but important part is to help your baby achieve it and celebrate each milestone.
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