Your Little Bundle of Joy is Now Getting Familiar With You

Your baby by now will be familiar with your face, voice and your loving warmth. Keep on showering your baby with these as you will get to see your little one rewarding you with abundance of love in return.

This is the perfect time for you and your partner to bond with the baby as a family. Sing, talk and laugh together with your baby and feel the growing happiness and closeness of your family.

Your Little Bundle of Joy is Now Getting Familiar With You

Increased wakefulness

Your little one is also becoming more alert and this will be evident from their wakefulness for longer hours during the day. This is a sign of your baby’s growth and the attention that you give them will help them to blossom in a healthy way.

With a baby around, you and your family members naturally tend to get excited with your little bundle of joy. Make sure you don’t overstimulate your baby as this can tire them out and increase chances of them getting cranky or throwing a crying fit.

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