Your Little Champ is Ready For Some Dinner Dates With You

Your baby is now more aware of his surroundings and is more accepting of the flavours that dance on his tongue. Taste and smell are one of the first senses to develop fully and as a result of this, everything in periphery graces his mouth!

What you need to know

At seven months; it’s a great idea to let him join you at the dinner table occasionally. He will love the gleam of the dinner plates and bowls. Dress him appropriately with large apron-like bibs as this is bound to be a messy affair!  

Your Little Champ is Ready For Some Dinner Dates With You

He may insist on eating off of your plate, let him; but make sure you do not serve something spicy or hot on it. He may play with the food first, to gauge its texture, consistency, and stickiness. It’s all a part of his charm. Watch out for what goes in his mouth, he is still new to chewing.

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