Your Little Cherub Is Already A Happy Toddler

Your Little Cherub Is Already A Happy Toddler

Last year this time you were 37 weeks pregnant; did you ever imagine how it would be like to have a 49-week old baby? The transformation process has been pretty amazing, hasn’t it? 

You must realize that now your little darling is slowly growing from a baby to a toddler. He is independent and intelligent and far more aware of his surroundings. His memory has developed significantly and so has his vocabulary skills. You will witness a noticeable increase in his height and weight now that he is on solid food. On the whole he is not a tiny bundle of happiness anymore; he is probably more like a miniature person full of laughter and tantrums.

What you need to know

As your baby is growing up, the amount of sleep will reduce significantly. This is normal. He will also now learn how to take care of himself. For example, if he is tired he might go to bed alone instead of expecting your help. Your baby will also be able to walk more steadily. Overall, your baby is now a whole new person who has blossomed from a bud to a beautiful flower. Celebrate each minute you spend with him!

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