Your Little Cuddle Munchkin Can Manipulate Already?

Your Little Cuddle Munchkin Can Manipulate Already?
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At 46 weeks, chances are that your little one is well versed at the art of, err..manipulation. Your little baby, and manipulation? Hard to believe, right?

What you need to know

According to Dr. Sears manipulation by a toddler is "an attempt to cry, to annoy, or to take advantage of their parents in an unfair way. They (babies) also cry because they have a need. To ignore the cry is to ignore the need." 

There you go, now you know that when your little one gives a tear-free cry, it’s best to ignore him. But at the same time, ask yourself “Why did my baby need to cry and behave in this fashion?” 

The answer may be very small and revealing. Maybe you have been away from your baby for a long time and all your baby needs is a hug and reassurance. Maybe you have been tied up with household chores and office routine. Maybe the older sibling is taking away more attention. Maybe you have been just too tired to handle your baby’s demands alone. 

Seek help from your partner, neighbours, or even a 30 minute time spot with the older sibling. Bottom line: Analyse, address and correct.

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