Your Little Cutie Is Now Able To Swallow Pureed Food Easily

At this stage, your baby would be needing more energy for performing extra physical activities. Food purees are perfect for your growing baby, offered after the age milestone of 6 months. Vegetable or fruit purees need to be prepared carefully for the little one who will now love to swallow it. You have to make sure that the thickness is even so that your baby can swallow it without any discomfort. Your Little Cutie Is Now Able To Swallow Pureed Food Easily

What you need to know Use a separate cutlery set for your little angel. You have to grab the attention of your baby while feeding or else she will spill the food out. You can play her favorite song or cartoon which will indeed prove beneficial to keep her distracted. If your baby dislikes food puree, then consult a doctor for a suitable alternative.




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