Your Little Ninja is a Fighter- But Can He Combat Germs?

Your Little Ninja is a Fighter- But Can He Combat Germs?
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Your little one pulls out some amazing stunts, say, jumping, hopping, fighting swords in the air with his ever agile hands. However, your champ is yet too young fight the ugly germ monsters alone.

Besides vaccinations and immunization, there are some basic hygiene that your kiddo needs to abide by.

What you need to do

Sterilize feeding bottles, use tongs to remove them, and keep a separate utensil for sterilization. Make sure everyone washes their hands before they touch your little one, touch is the commonest way to transfer germs. Keep soiled diapers away from the room and clean the room with a good antiseptic.

You need to mop up any spills immediately; stagnant water is breeding ground for insects and microbes. Add a capful of mild, skin friendly antiseptic to her bathwater. Also, add antiseptic to her laundry load when washing them, especially bed sheets and towels.

Sun-dry his clothes, UV rays are great germ killers and do not allow footwear worn outdoors inside. Carry a hand sanitizer around for social visits. Draw a line, you don’t have to follow cookie cutter directions, it’s ok to make mistakes. Remember, there is a thin line between precaution and obsession. Avoid controlling all aspects of her surroundings and go with the flow. Do the best you can.

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