Your Little One Already Has A Tiny Winy Vocabulary

Your Little One Already Has A Tiny Winy Vocabulary
Verbal language

Your little one by now would have thoroughly entertained and amused you with his progress, from being a wrinkly little infant to a chubby little cherub; he continues to grow by leaps and bounds. By now, he must have figured out how to roll over and may have gained control over his neck muscles.

Apart from this, his pleasant gurgles must have developed into fully blown babbling.  His vocabulary is increasing day by day and you will begin deciphering his own little language. He loves his own voice and likes yours more. He thoroughly enjoys being the centre of attention and will entertain you with his cute little antics.

What you can do

Don’t forget to talk to him, it may seem like he is unable to understand you, but underneath the surface, your little Einstein is making a lot of progress. His brain is constantly trying to process sounds and store them for future use. Seeds of today are trees of tomorrow.

Babies at this stage pick up words easily and tend to repeat what they’ve heard, sometimes several times. It may be tempting to compare your little tot with others his age, but remember that each baby is unique and will learn things in their own time. Don’t worry if he is lagging behind a little, he will catch up sooner or later.