Your Little One Can Now Play PEEKABOO!

Your Little One Can Now Play PEEKABOO!
7m to 10m
Gross motor
Peekaboo, that old standby is still one of the best baby games ever invented. It stimulates baby’s senses, build gross motor skills and encourages her social development. And guess what? Your little darling still loves it with all his might!
What you need to know
At this stage, object permanence develops in your baby, almost any time your little one is awake and alert (well-rested and fed) is a good time to play peekaboo. When you play peekaboo, by covering your face with your hands, babies are fascinated by faces, and your sweet little one would rather look at your face than almost anything else in the world.
Around the same time that babies grasp object permanence, they typically begin to exhibit strong preferences for their favourites. It is not a co-incidence that many babies begin to develop separation anxiety and stranger anxiety at around this time, just when object recognition and object permanence are both starting to click in your baby’s brain.
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