Your Little One Has a Fascination With Colorful Pictures- Sensory Development!

At two months, your baby already has a fascination for colorful pictures. Try to create familiarity with picture books. Seldom you will hear people suggesting why a two months old infant would need books? Well, obviously she is not gonna read it, but surely it will make a great toy for her. Wordless picture books are must of babies, and you should buy one soon.

What you need to know

It may sound little absurd to introduce books to your little one, but it is just to make her familiar with things around her. Your baby will love the bright pictures and glossy pages. That's exactly what her developing vision needs just now.

Books with bright pages and colored pictures are great hits with small babies. The vibrancy of the books attract them and also make them feel happy. There are books that make sound while turning pages and this is an excellent way of stimulating your child's growth.




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