Your Little One is a Chatterbox Already and is Likely to Blabber a Lot

Been talking to your little munchkin off late? Gear up; the tables are about to turn as your little one reaches a new and exciting milestone as she utters her first words. To check if she’s ready notice how she begins to use body language to respond to you, she may use her eyes to track your actions or nod to say yes; perhaps even shake her head.

What you need to know

Your Little One is a Chatterbox Already and is Likely to Blabber a Lot

If she isn’t ready; don’t worry, every baby develops at their own unique pace. You can still help by teaching her how to point and prompting answers. Repeat this over the course of the day through all activities involving her. You will notice that she will begin mouthing the words non-verbally and over the course of time, even verbally.

Don’t limit this to just objects, extend it to people by asking, “Who is this?” and then give the answer. Start with simple to pronounce names such as Mama, Papa, and Tata.

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