Your Little One Is A Little Fuss Monster Already!

Your Little One Is A Little Fuss Monster Already!
Eating Habit

Your little one has been on soft foods for a while now and has developed some preferences as well. He could develop a liking for your regular simple homemade khichdi, rice, bland veggies, or dal. But you will soon realise that your baby can outgrow these likes quickly. Now starts the string of problems because you don’t know what to offer and your baby can’t communicate either.

What you need to do

One simple trick is eliminating that food for a few days and reoffering it. It works, sometimes. Another trick could be offering the same food, but with a twist. If he refuses to eat mashed bananas, try offering a banana shake with a spoon of honey instead or offer pureed thick dal with ghee instead of khichdi. Hold back on spices, his tummy is still under construction. Sometimes offering finger food works better. All your baby could be looking for is some independence. Try giving slices of cheese, paneer cubes, glucose biscuits, or soft homemade fries.

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