Your Little One Is Able To Detect If An Object Is Near Or Far

Post 5 months, your baby will begin to develop depth perception of sight, or a three dimensional view of the world which helps him to see how far away something is away from him. He can see almost everything around in his vision and can also figure out colors well. The brain programs the eyes to work together around this age and this is when their vision improves dramatically. It is generally believed that babies have good color vision by 5 months of age. Depth perception continues to improve until at about 8 months when he will see just as well as you do.
What you need to know
At this stage, your baby uses his eyes to take in massive amount of information about the world around him. He is learning about various colors, shapes and sizes of objects and also learning to associate specific sounds with these objects. Babies just love looking at human faces than any other object. You would notice that your baby is interested in looking at your face so talk or smile to your child and allow him to focus on your face and let him watch your movements. 
What you can do
Offer your baby colorful toys, he will focus his eyes on those toys and touching or admiring its colors and patterns will be endlessly entertaining for your baby and at the same time will stimulate his brain development. Decorate his room with some bright colors and also place some fun toys around your baby’s bed so as to enable him to see from different angles. Take your baby out for walks and visit different places and give an opportunity to experience the world around him. While your baby has gone from tiny new born to curious infant, reaching out and exploring his surroundings, this is the right time you allow him to play on floor and explore as much as he can but that has to be under supervision of some adult and also make sure to childproof the house to prevent accidents.




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