Your Little One Is Able To Grasp A String Using His Fingers

During this time period your toddler would develop fine motor skills that relate to the development of smaller muscle movements mainly in his hands and fingers. Development in his gross motor skills can be seen through his walking by holding on to the furniture and other things around him.  Your Little One Is Able To Grasp A String Using His Fingers

What you need to know:

At this stage, his eye-hand coordination would develop skillfully. He would use his fingers to pull the string of an object to pick it. He will start stretching himself to reach to his favorite toy. He will begin to sit without support and cruise over, by holding the furniture around. The muscles of his hands and legs become able enough to do so. The developing muscles enable him to hold tiny objects better. His thumb and index finger coordination will enable him to pick up very small things lying on the floor like beads, small bits of paper, match sticks, and such similar things.

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