Your Little One Is Even More Attached To You Than Others

Your Little One Is Even More Attached To You Than Others

At this stage, if your baby seeks your presence comforting then respect that feeling and spend quality moments to make beautiful memories. This attachment with your baby is a good sign which would help the little one develop sensory and emotional abilities. The role of fathers is also very important in order to assist their babies to see, hear and feel.

What you need to know

This growing phase is the time when babies understand the importance of relationships with their mother, father or close family members. Your special attachment with your baby should be seen as an opportunity where you can act as a guide to help the little one develop skills which are channelized through your efforts. Be patient and maintain a smile while you impart any type of learning to your young lovely baby. Help him observe the surrounding by offering different sounds and sights which are important for his future growth.

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