Your Little One Is Likely To Communicate Through Body Movements

Your baby has already crossed the mark of a week and now he's at a stage where he will try to use his body for communication. As a parent, you need to create an understanding of your little one’s actions. See when he uses his hands and legs according to his facial expressions. This will help you understand his needs and wants. Your Little One Is Likely To Communicate Through Body Movements

What you need to know

Little babies learn to use their legs and hands for communicating from an early age. If your baby is feeling cold, then he would probably shake his legs quite frequently. Moreover, your little one’s excitement would be expressed through the continuous movement of hands. These are positive signs for enhanced muscle control. You can sit with your child and use hand symbols or actions in coordination with sounds so that he tries to copy. This is a good way to keep his muscle movements polished as he grows.

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