Your Little One Is Likely To Give You An Object Upon Request

Your Little One Is Likely To Give You An Object Upon Request

At this stage, you will find it much thrilling and joy filling experience as your child develops. There are so many changes that take place in the first year of life and also at a very rapid pace that you might sometimes find it difficult to keep up with it.
Your sweetie pie is nearing the one year mark, and now he might start understanding your instructions and might be very likely to pass you an object when you ask him to do so.
What you need to know
At this point, you will notice that your kiddo might start responding to your simple requests. He might also start giving a response when somebody calls his name and might also start producing some words like mama, baba or dada. Your kiddo might now understand the meaning of “no.” It is a great way to understand that your kiddo is developing language and communication skills. It is also a positive sign that your sweetie pie is developing motor skills.
However, it is not necessary that every child develops at the same pace. Some kids take more time than the other ones to develop, so don’t worry if your little one does not meet some of the milestones, according to his age. But if your kiddo does not make any type of sounds during play, does not understand the words like papa and mama or do not respond to his name or any instructions given to him, then this might be a sign of any development related problem! Ask your doctor for advice in that case.

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