Your Little One is Likely to Show Disobedience

Your little one too can rebel, and that too very well at this stage.

Getting frustrated because your baby just doesn’t seem to listen? No surprise there, your little one is simply unable to do it. This kind of reasoning capacity is beyond her limits and all she can comprehend at this stage is that you are sometimes displeased.

She is unable to reason out your displeasure or do anything about it.

Your Little One is Likely to Show Disobedience

What you can do

Address the cause. If she is up at odd hours and energetic, work away her energy. If she is hungry, feed her, if dirty, clean her.

Your little one doesn’t understand your safety concern, simply distract her by making a noise or offering toy as you put her away safely. Her memory is short lived; distracting her must be easy-peasy.




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