Your Little One is Now Able to Follow Your Movements

Try waving your fingers from one side to other in front of her. Is your little one trying to follow your movements? Well, chances are a good yes. All these assure you that your baby’s vision is developing steadily and she is able to dart both her eyes to spot your movements properly.

By week six, your little one’s sensory-perceptual and motor skills are sharpening. Your baby wants to touch or grab toys or objects that are in sight. In short, her vision is also boosting her other skills.

Your Little One is Now Able to Follow Your Movements

Introduce toys and props as stimuli - This is the best time to buy play mats with hanging musical toys and dangling figures for your baby’s cradle. Your little one will love the sight of brightly coloured toys and the melodies emanating from them.

You can also engage her attention by singing rhymes, baby songs and lullabies. So rejuvenate yourself playing with your baby and enjoy her gurgles of laughter and delight!




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