Your Little One Makes Little Fusses Already

Your Little One Makes Little Fusses Already

Your little one’s first cry is a memory that you will always want to cherish. But as days go by, your little one’s fussiness might not be enjoyable particularly at times when you would be thinking of resting for some time or would want to do chores peacefully.

What you can do

First get to the root of the situation. Understand why your baby is crying and try to take steps accordingly. Is it a hunger cry or lack of sleep, overstimulation, some sort of pain or irritation and other such baby specific factors?

Babies love rocking motions, keep your baby in your arms and gently swing them back and forth. Don’t vigorously swing as your baby could feel dizzy and uncomfortable. Taking your baby for a walk by putting them on your chest or shoulders could also be soothing for them. The warmth of your body can keep your little one calm and feel secured.

If the temperature outside is cold, wrapping your little one in a thin blanket and cuddling them could also soothe your crying baby. Finally babies cry for attention when their mommies are not around. A warm hug and kiss could help your fussy baby bounce back to normal.

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