Your Little One May Gradually Take Time To Lift Her Head

Your baby would show active signs of head movement as she crosses this mark of a week. As a parent, you need to be patient and let the little one build her motor skills as time passes. Do not panic as growth in infants escalate quickly after the sixth month.

What you need to know

Your Little One May Gradually Take Time To Lift Her Head

Your little angel would surely build the ability to move her head in all directions. You can help the baby lift her head by placing hanging objects close to her resting space. Make sure the objects are tied to a strong lever or platform which can be moved back & forth. Grab the attention of your baby and once her eyes are fixed on the object, move it slightly away from her sight. This will encourage your baby to lift her head in search for the object. You can try this activity twice or thrice in a day by placing different objects.




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