Your Little One Needs More Energy Boost Now

Your Little One Needs More Energy Boost Now

At six months, your little one is much more agile and energetic than before. He will begin rolling on his sides and sit up with support. He may even begin sliding along his bottoms or crawl!

With increased activity comes increased energy needs. He now requires adequate nutrition and a proportionate increase in the quantity of his meals.

What you need to know

He is ideally ready if he has gained necessary head control and is able to sit up. With developed neck and throat muscles, he should now be able to swallow and express some curiosity towards food. These signify that your baby is ready for solids.

Take it slow; mashed fruits are an excellent and nutritious start to solid food. Do not fret if you notice some abdominal discomfort or constipation, it is fairly common as they begin on solids.