Your Little One Should Be Tracking Moving Objects Now

At this stage, your kid's sensibility is speeding up. A growing child observes all the items in his surroundings, and you as a parent need to see how the infant reacts to the movement of an object. This is a good way to exercise the little one’s vision. This also tells you about your little one's brain development in a certain way. Your Little One Should Be Tracking Moving Objects Now

Understanding development through movement

1. By now you must be well aware of your baby’s behaviour. To go a little further, select an object which would surely attract his attention. Make sure the infant is totally awake. That is the time when he is fully alert. You can place an object near to your child and change its position in quick intervals. Observe if your baby rolls his eyes with the movement of the object. This is a good way to make sure that your baby is developing a sharp mind.

2. To test the baby further, you can even take an oscillating object such as an elastic ball. Keep it in front of your baby and let it oscillate. Your little one would surely observe its path, and try to track it, which is a positive sign.

At this age, your baby's development can be determined through his understanding of various motions and actions around him. This is a good way to make him familiar with things around and also track his development scale.

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