Your Little One Will Nod Her Head For A 'Yes!'

Your Little One Will Nod Her Head For A 'Yes!'
8m to 11m
At this stage, your baby has started communicating with you through her body. Body language is now a handy tool for your baby to interact with you till the time she learns to talk. Now she has started nodding her head to convey a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ to you. The first signs of such clear communication will surely surprise and excite you as a parent.
What you need to know
Next time you feed her, check her body language. Is she nodding a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’? Sometimes the nodding is simply a nod. It may not necessarily mean anything for the baby. She might simply imitate other people she observes. Even in that case, your baby is learning to control her body and replicate the behaviour she observes around her. You can extend this nod to more other body language signs and gestures like waving her hand for a ‘bye bye’ or teach your baby how to do a ‘high five’.
Your baby will learn more signs and gestures of you talk to her in these signs and soon enough you will find her repeating it to everyone she meets!
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