Your Little One Will Now Repeat Gestures And Actions To Make Others Laugh

Your Little One Will Now Repeat Gestures And Actions To Make Others Laugh

Right around this age, your little one would develop both his large and small motor skills to a great extent. Now, he will begin the ‘pretend play’. He will love imitating your gestures and actions and make you laugh at his funny
What you need to know
At this stage, he will observe every move of yours closely. He will love imitating you and the elders around. He will try to copy what you are doing. You can turn this instinct of his into a fun game. He will enjoy them and try repeating the same. Sometimes he will amuse you by holding your mobile phone near his ears or face and blabber something.
What you can do 

As he turns to observe you, play certain games like blowing out your cheeks. Hold a towel in front of your face and bend forward to a distance where he can reach you, he will try pulling the towel. Allow him to d so and pop your face out in such a way that he enjoys. Sing a nursery rhyme clapping your hands with cute facial expressions. You can hold his cheeks with your palms and slowly bring your forehead close to his and give him a gentle dash like “dee dee dee dishyum!!!”and you can enjoy his laughter.




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