Your Baby's Development After Birth Has Started in Full Swing

Your Baby's Development After Birth Has Started in Full Swing

Your little angel is too precious. From her time in your womb itself, her development had started and now your baby's development after birth including her growth is intensifying every minute. Hence, it is essential to follow a list of dos and don'ts when looking after her in order to make sure your baby's development is headed in the right direction.

Sleep: An essential factor determining your baby's development after birth

Let your infant sleep as much as she wants – sleep is very important as it leads to vital brain development. Your little one may sleep up to 18 hours a day at this stage.

Mother's health: A very crucial factor in baby's development after birth

Sleep deprivation is a common aspect of early postnatal period when you and your little one are yet to synchronize your rhythms. If possible, try to get some sleep whenever your baby sleeps to avoid exhaustion.

Carrying your little one: Be careful since this plays a key role in your baby's development after birth

Your baby’s neck is quite weak at this stage. Be careful when picking up, laying down, and carrying her. Give her neck some support at all times

Skincare: Your baby's development after birth depends a lot on this

Newborns need to be taken care of from head to toe to avoid any fungal infections on their skin. Your baby’s skin is delicate and very sensitive. So avoid using any product which has harsh chemicals or perfumes. 

If your little one’s scalp is flaky and dandruff like, she may have a harmless condition called ‘cradle cap,’ which is easily treatable with shampoos prescribed by your doctor. These effective points can really help boost up your baby's development after birth.

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