Your Little One's Lower Central Incisors Are Now Emerging

During this period your little angel’s lower incisors begin to erupt. Knowing what to expect during teething and how to make the process a little less painful can help you manage it.  

What you need to know:  

First the left central incisor of the lower jaw pops up. Your angel might drool more and want to chew on things. She may be cranky with crying spells and have disrupted sleeping and eating patterns. It is advisable to gently massage the sore gums with a clean finger either bare or wrapped with clean cloth. An icy cold clean white cloth can numb the sore gums. Your little angel might develop a mild fever or diarrhea during the teething phase due to some infection caused by the things she would put into her mouth as she will have an urge to chomp on. 

Your Little One's Lower Central Incisors Are Now Emerging

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