Your Little One's Personality Traits Are Coming to Fore

By now your little one must have developed a personality of his own! It is indeed fascinating to watch your baby transform from being a wrinkly neonate to a fully fledged person.

Your child now has marked preferences, whether it’s his favourite toy, teddy, or a car. He will go an extra mile to get to play with it and his eyes will have an extra gleam when he does.

What you need to know

Your Little One's Personality Traits Are Coming to Fore

This is when his fundamental traits surface and you’ll know if he is shy or aggressive and loud or gentle. You will begin seeking your own reflection in him. Now that he is familiar with his environment, he is adept at recognising whether the people around him are familiar or strange. If they’re strangers, he may either adapt readily or shy away.

Don’t worry if he is less social, he will warm up with time.




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