Your Baby's Skin Color Is Changing

Your baby is 3 months old already, and now your baby's skin color is changing. She no longer has the color she was born with and that can hassle you. Well, this is perfectly normal, and something that happens in most of the kids.

Your baby's skin color changes with age: What you need to know

Your Baby's Skin Color Is Changing

Most babies have a different skin tone when they are born and with time sometimes the color changes. The color of the skin depends on the race and genetics of the baby. Your baby's skin colour is red or pinkish during birth because the blood circulation is still not developed. By the time your baby grows up the internal system of her body matures and as a result the outer skin also changes andBabies generally have either reddish or pinkish skin texture during birth, which changes into fair or dusky skin tone once grown up. Hence, your baby's skin may get lighter or dark according to her genetics.

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