Your Newborn Already Loves the Idea of Playing

Your Newborn Already Loves the Idea of Playing
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Play has become almost synonymous with your little lovely at this stage. Soft toys, rattles, and cars are a few to name. If you wonder whether your child is really ready to play, the answer is yes!


Your little one may look vulnerable and underprepared swaddled in a blanket, but behind the calm is a tiny brain working great wonders. It is waiting to grab and hold on to anything within its reach. Your baby’s sensory development is speeding and play is one great and entertaining way to stimulate it. 

What you need to know

Still too young, your little one isn’t ready enough to hold toys or have clear vision to even perceive them. It is your duty to guide him through his environment and engage him with means other than vision. Apart from the routine cooing, cuddling, and talking, take him out for small strolls and when safe enough, maybe even to a nearby park.

This small excursion will expose him to a variety of new and catchy sounds which he will readily absorb. Although still developing, his fuzzy vision will still appreciate the change of scenery. Don’t just let him watch, give a gentle commentary on what you see around. This will amuse and entertain him for sure.

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