Your Shy Little Sweetheart- Is There More To It?

Your Shy Little Sweetheart- Is There More To It?

At this point, normally your baby may be quite outgoing but sometimes he may just turn away. You may notice it when suddenly your baby doesn’t want to smile at someone new, clutches on to your clothes, and clings tightly when a familiar person wants to hold him. This may be against his usual temperament.  

What you need to know

Strange as it may seem this is quite normal. Your baby’s shy behaviour could be due to increased awareness of self. This could be caused by separation anxiety. Your happy-go-lucky baby may be quiet or shy suddenly and not want to interact with others. He could be clingier than usual, even with people he is normally familiar with.

Help your baby by making him feel comfortable and be reassuring. Don’t force your baby into going to someone’s arms or lap, especially when you suddenly get up and leave the room. This is the exact reason why your baby is feeling shy. This behaviour is normal and will usually disappear by the time your baby is a little older.

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